Custom Research

Machina Research offers consulting, research and analysis tailored to deliver effective and focused projects addressing clients’ specific needs.

We answer complex questions about important technology, markets, strategy, and competitive issues, by leveraging our extensive in-house data, deep expertise, and industry contacts.  We employ a range of methodologies and analytical frameworks, including market modelling, benchmarking and best practice reviews, case studies, competitive analyses, consumer and industry surveys, workshops, and on-the-ground research.

There are a number of ways Machina Research can help:

Bespoke Forecasting

Machina Research can help you identify market size and opportunity in your target geography and industry segment and enhance the data with potential revenue assessments, connectivity and traffic requirements.

Business Case Analysis

Machina Research's experts are available to provide you with tailored advice on go-to-market strategies, new product launches and market sizing/opportunity assessments. Our recent experience includes market sizing projects for major European mobile network operators (MNOs) and sales support for large vendors looking to sell to MNOs.

Specific Market Forecasting

Addressing a specific market or developing a new opportunity area? Machina Research can help you identify the market size and opportunity in your required geography and industry segment and enhance the data with potential revenue assessments, connectivity requirements and traffic requirements.


Assessing potential strategic partners to deliver new services? Looking to enable customer solutions with enhanced service enablement platforms? Considering entry strategies into new markets and geographies? Machina Research can help you quantify and qualify your partnership options, and determine suitable partnership models.

Marketing and White Papers

If you're looking to promote your organisation's position in the market, or a particular product, Machina Research's experts are available to help. We are available to produce independent white papers to support your strategy, to speak at client events and to provide all round support for your marketing strategy.

If you would like to discuss your research requirements, you can email us and we will get back in touch to discuss your requirements.


Recent Projects

C-level executive briefings on IoT (October 2016) - On behalf of a major technology vendor we provided independent briefings on the implications of IoT for C-level executives at seven mobile network operators across the Latin America region.

Smart cities review for major European technology infrastructure vendor (October 2016) - This project involved a deep dive set of interviews of smart city projects in 50 cities around the world, including primary interviews, analysis and benchmarking.

IoT strategy review for major Asia-Pacific telecoms and IT service provider (September 2016) - The first element of this project involved a deep market scanning report of all key IoT issues for the client and a deep assessment of their IoT capabilities. We then undertook approximately 30 interviews with key stakeholders across their main markets including regulators, competitors, municipalities and enterprise end-users. Finally we provided a detailed set of recommendations for how the company might address IoT.

IoT strategy review for major European telco (June 2016) - In this project we conducted a deep review of the telco’s diverse IoT-related capabilities, compiled granular market opportunity forecasts, and provided a detailed set of recommendations to support a strategy revision to be approved at board level.

Detailed customised market opportunity assessment for a European telecoms and IT service provider (April 2016) – Building on our existing IoT Forecast Database we provided our client with a customised granular forecast model for their territories which they use for the purposes of resourcing, strategic planning and setting sales targets, amongst other things.

IoT market opportunity study and workshop (January 2016) For an IoT specialist we undertook a study to identify addressable verticals and provided an on-site workshop on the market opportunity and channels to market.

Technology and commercial evaluation for IoT start-up (November 2015) – For a small technology vendor, we evaluated the company’s service offering and provided recommendations on the most significant use cases to which the solution could be applied in order to identify addressable market and go-to-market strategies.

Updates on 2G/3G switch-off (November 2015) – For an enterprise customer we provided a regularly updated set of data on operator plans for the reframing of 2G and 3G networks and overall cellular technology roadmap.

IoT strategy review for major Asia-Pacific technology vendor (September 2015) – The client required a fundamental review of the IoT space, with a view to positioning the company as a ‘world recognised’ provider of IoT services and solutions. The company had grown rapidly in recent years, including the acquisition of international companies. We undertook a strategic review that was very blue-sky in nature to identify the best and most effective way for the company to secure as much as possible of the IoT opportunity.

White Papers (various) – We have published numerous White Papers for the likes of Bosch, Interdigital, the LoRa Alliance, Philips, Redknee, Swisscom, Thingworx and Details of these White Papers can be found on our News Page.

Webinars (various) – Our team has participated in a large number of client webinars, either as participant, moderator or host. We can provide analyst speakers, or manage the webinar process from end to end, depending on the client’s requirements. Recent clients include Aeris Communications, Interdigital, Nokia, Sierra Wireless and Xively.

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