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Machina Research differentiates Machine-to-Machine (M2M) from the Internet of Things. The two things are not the same. M2M relates to the provision of connected solutions and all of the issues associated with connecting and managing a device. The M2M Strategies Research Stream therefore focuses on technical and commercial best practice in the delivery of the connectivity element that cuts across all M2M applications, providing our views on the key market trends and the optimum strategies for those providing, or using, M2M connectivity.

Almost everywhere one looks in M2M, disruption persists. Device and network technologies are evolving fast, with new technology arrivals, evolving standards, and technology sun-setting. The market for M2M service provision is also seeing a significant shake-up, with different players competing to secure the same customers. In so-doing they must change their business models, developing new service features, building new alliances and finding new ways to interact with their customers.


Key themes

The topics covered by this Research Stream include the following:

  • The role of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and other players in the M2M value chain in delivering M2M services – This comprises an analysis of commercial and technical best practice.
  • Technology options, issues and roadmaps – For instance 2G/3G switch-off, 5G, remote provisioning, eUICC and IMSI swapping, and NFV/SDN.
  • Low power wide area (LPWA) network technologies and their applicability in M2M/IoT
  • Modules and devices – With a particular focus on technology developments (e.g. LTE-MTC), pricing and the impact on adoption.
  • M2M security – The best way to guarantee the integrity of connected devices.
  • The commercial landscape - Including M&A, partnerships and sales strategies.
  • Procuring M2M services – Advising the users of M2M on what they should be looking for, for instance in terms of SLAs.
  • Standardisation – Examining the role that standards have in M2M.


During the course of twelve months, the anticipated deliverables for this Research Stream will include the following:

  • Research Notes providing commentary on the key themes as identified above
  • One CSP Benchmarking Report (approx. 90-100 pages) providing an annual update on commercial and technical best practice for CSPs and value-added service providers in M2M.
  • Strategy Reports providing more in-depth commentary on major issues - Previous Strategy Report topics have included Sales & Partnership strategies, Standards, and Modules and Devices.
  • Access to the existing library of previous publications.
  • Direct access to Machina Research’s team of industry analysts.

Lead Analyst

The lead analyst for this Research Stream is Godfrey Chua.

Latest reports in this Research Stream

30 September 2016
Report type: Research Note
Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) has re-invigorated the strategic importance of telecoms in the wider technology sector, owing to various uncertainties and open questions that are related to its future direction. This market tracker has been set up to follow developments that indicate what the future of LPWA may hold, ...
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22 September 2016
Report type: Strategy Report
The IoT Communications Service Provider Benchmarking report is the most comprehensive analysis of best practice for CSPs in M2M and IoT. Extending over more than 100 pages, it gives Machina Research’s view on the likely long-term success of Communication Service Providers in the M2M/IoT space. This year's report, as ever, ...
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17 August 2016
Report type: Strategy Report
Security is widely understood as the single most serious challenge to the growth and the evolution of the Internet of Things, with fears that shortcomings in both security technologies and their implementation are paving the way for a plethora of inevitable privacy and safety risks. Due to the vastly diverse ...
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M2M Strategies reports

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