IoT Strategies

The Internet of Things is the single most important technology trend today. It is front-of-mind for many corporate management teams as well as the myriad of technology vendors that support and supply them. But, as usual, there’s a lot of hyperbole associated with this new and emerging concept. For instance, contemporary visions of the Internet of Things as a ‘connected future’ somewhat underestimate the complexity of that future. The Internet of Things will be comprised of a huge number of Subnets of Things (SoTs), all operating according to their own standards, protocols and data and semantic models.

Machina Research’s IoT Strategies Research Stream aims to strip away the hype to expose the true dynamics at play in this complex yet critical space, examining all the key issues associated with how sensor data is managed to build IoT applications and services.

Key themes

The topics covered by this Research Stream include the following:

  • Monetisation of data, emerging standards, data management, privacy, and application topographies.
  • IoT software platforms and best practice in the space
  • Issues of privacy and security in IoT
  • The role of data models within Subnets of Things and abstraction of data models to support Internet of Things applications.
  • The new IoT economy, examining how the growth of IoT will fundamentally change business models and economic relationships. 
  • Profiles of the most interesting new and emerging players in the IoT space.
  • Commentary on entities that are collectively pushing the edge of the envelope for this new and emerging concept of the IoT.
  • The impact on related entities ranging from database and corporate IT providers through to providers of co-location space.


During the course of twelve months, the anticipated deliverables for this Research Stream will include the following:

  • Research Notes providing commentary on the key themes as identified above.
  • Strategy Reports providing more in-depth commentary on major issues
  • Access to the existing library of previous publications.
  • Direct access to Machina Research’s team of industry analysts.

Lead Analyst

The lead analyst for this Research Stream is Jim Morrish.

Latest reports in this Research Stream

16 March 2017
Report type: Research Note
The annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona is increasingly a bell-weather for the whole technology space, and has put a significant focus of the Internet of Things in recent years, albeit with a mobile skew. It represents an opportunity for our analysts to immerse themselves for a week with ...
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13 March 2017
Report type: Research Note
IoT applications include solutions which address (with increasingly levels of complexity) monitoring, remote management and control, efficiency and productivity, and ultimately full automation. As applications reach the automation stage, managing data becomes substantially more complex. This may involve different data sets and types, requiring completely new methods to process and ...
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15 February 2017
Report type: Research Note
As the IoT platforms space expands and matures, there is an expectation that the merger activity will start to increase, and some of the weaker offerings will drop away. There will be winners and losers, and the challenge for enterprise users is to know which platforms to favour. Equally, there ...
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IoT Strategies reports

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