Industrial & Enterprise IoT

Enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement connected devices to remain competitive and deliver improved operational performance, innovative products and services, new customer experiences and financial improvements. Implementing enabling IoT technologies across different relevant domains will require a significant shift in mindset from traditional operational and information tools and approaches as well as a closer understanding of the changes in market characteristics in IoT for enterprises. These relate to attributes such as scalability, agility, flexibility and speed.

The Industrial & Enterprise IoT Research Stream provides invaluable insights around the issues enterprises should prioritise and approaches enterprises should follow in selecting and implementing IoT applications and solutions in various domains. This Research Stream also explores the potential partnerships and collaborations, enabling (data) technologies and protocols, and how enterprises can secure IoT solutions with Service Level Agreements.

Domains of Enterprise IoT [Source: Machina Research 2014]

Key themes

This Research Stream covers a large and diverse range of topics, including the following:

  • Multi domain approach - Assisting enterprises uncover and address the complexity in implementing IoT solutions across multiple solution domains.
  • Identifying the changing nature of IoT data and applications, and the impact this has on supporting database and data processing technologies such as NoSQL, NewSQL and SQL.
  • Supporting enterprise assessments around procurement, including buy and build approaches for end-to-end M2M/IoT application support, data analytics’ solutions and application development.
  • Examining IoT in the context of the wider enterprise mobility requirement, in the form of Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms. 
  • Identifying value models for data, and value add enhancements through data aggregation.
  • Assessing the impact of standards on protocols and data models for application development.
  • Tracking requirements and implications of data privacy and data sovereignty.
  • Using IoT for Corporate Social Responsibility.


During the course of twelve months, the anticipated deliverables for this Research Stream are the following:

  • Research Notes providing commentary on the key themes as identified above.
  • Strategy Reports on key topics in Enterprise IoT.
  • All subscribers will be provided with 3 complementary copies of Enterprise IoT, a book on project management in the Enterprise IoT space currently being co-written by Machina Research, Bosch and Tech Mahindra.
  • Access to the existing library of previous publications.
  • Direct access to Machina Research’s team of industry analysts.

Machina Research analysts are also available to deliver workshops to enterprises keen to understand the opportunity in IoT.

Lead Analyst

The lead analyst for this Research Stream is Emil Berthelsen.

Latest reports in this Research Stream

15 May 2020
Report type: Strategy Report
In the wake of COVID-19, IoT endpoint electronics revenue growth will slow to 0% in 2020. Organizations are delaying IoT investments in most sectors, particularly in areas where IoT represents a new, unproven initiative, where capital costs are high, or in areas experiencing the most significant business upheaval.
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15 May 2020
Report type: Strategy Report
Edge is an emerging network building block for enterprises alongside data centers, campus and wide-area networks, and cloud. Technology and service providers should extend Ethernet fabrics from the data center to the edge to seize new opportunities.
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15 May 2020
Report type: Strategy Report
Semiconductor consumption for IoT endpoints in 2018 was $29.6 billion and will grow to $63.5 billion by 2023, reflecting a 16.5% CAGR. Our analysis covers processing, sensing and communications components of the top 50 endpoints, which will account for 77.5% of the total market in 2023.
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Industrial & Enterprise IoT reports

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