Advisory Service

Machina Research’s Advisory Service provides comprehensive support for any organisation interested in the Internet of Things (IoT) or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market opportunity. The Advisory Service consists of seven Research Streams (as illustrated below), each focused on a different aspect of IoT or M2M. They each provide a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research targeted at that specific sector and supported by leading industry analysts.

Subscribers can access the Advisory Service content through the Research and Internet of Things Forecasts pages.

Details of what we plan to cover during this year is available in our published Research Agenda.


IoT Strategies

The Internet of Things is the single most important technology trend today. It is front-of-mind for many corporate management teams as well as the myriad of technology vendors that support and supply them. But, as usual, there’s a lot of hyperbole associated with this new and emerging concept. For instance, ...

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M2M Strategies

Machina Research differentiates Machine-to-Machine (M2M) from the Internet of Things. The two things are not the same. M2M relates to the provision of connected solutions and all of the issues associated with connecting and managing a device. The M2M Strategies Research Stream therefore focuses on technical and commercial best practice ...

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IoT Forecasts

Forecast Overview The converged Gartner IoT forecast combines the best of the heritage Gartner and Machina forecasts. It provides additional detail compared with either forecast: It looks at how specific types of endpoint hardware are applied in use cases in each vertical for 206 countries. The web interface enables clients ...

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M2M & IoT Regulation

There are a number of regulatory issues that have the potential to hinder the growth of the Internet of Things, including permanent roaming, national roaming, spectrum licensing and data sovereignty. Based on Machina Research’s extensive research in this area, this Research Stream provides analysis of the current regulatory landscape, identifies ...

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Smarter Cars

The growth of the Connected Car is one of today’s key technology trends. Developments in on-board intelligence and broadband connectivity make it possible to create new kinds of services that go beyond traditional vehicle telematics. However, the dynamics in the space are complex. Unsurprisingly, given the size of the opportunity ...

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Smart Cities

There is a lot of hype around the potential for smart cities and, undoubtedly, the adoption of such initiatives is gaining pace. But much of the discussion within the industry is essentially supply-side, rather than demand-side, focussed. Vendors will often have a slightly utopian vision of what a smart city ...

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Industrial & Enterprise IoT

Enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement connected devices to remain competitive and deliver improved operational performance, innovative products and services, new customer experiences and financial improvements. Implementing enabling IoT technologies across different relevant domains will require a significant shift in mindset from traditional operational and information ...

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