What are the key technologies that enable Enterprise IoT?

23 October 2015
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Emil Berthelsen
Keywords: IoT, internet of things, internet, things, M2M, machine-to-machine, enterprise, industrial, industry 4.0, monitoring, management, platform
Number of Pages: 11

Information technology, M2M, and Enterprise IoT share a number of common business and technology features. However, when we explore these three concepts in greater detail, subtle yet important differences emerge. Smarter connected industrial products that generate actionable data from their physical environment are a natural progression from earlier digital solutions – but the similarities end there. Open frameworks, agile development, analytics, new databases, real-time and distributed processing, and API management are among the notable emerging features of Enterprise IoT.

This Research Note will explore the new business opportunities and, more importantly, the new technologies presented by Enterprise IoT. It also aims to provide enterprises with a brief guide on what to look out for in the Enterprise IoT space, as well as what differentiates an Enterprise IoT project from an IT or M2M project.

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