Warehousing & Storage: A market dominated by RFID and barcodes but with potential for more

08 September 2016
Report type: Application Spotlight
Author(s): Pierce Owen - Analyst
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, IoT, Internet of Things, warehousing, storage, RFID, barcodes, inventory, automated picking, supply chain, temperature, humidity, efficiency, containers, LPWA
Companies: KASTO, SSI Schaefer, Apptricity, Google
Number of Pages: 10

This Application Spotlight provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the IoT market related to Warehousing & Storage. It provides a definition, description, analysis of drivers and barrier, and high level forecasts for growth in connections, technology split and revenue opportunity.

Warehousing & Storage, comprises the monitoring and control of stock at fixed locations in the supply chain. It comprises two elements: Inventory management – the management of stock within fixed locations. This includes warehouse site wide area connections to inventory management systems (physical or virtual), automated picking machines and robots, and some hand-held devices. There has also been some experimentation with drones that use RFID readers to take stock. Monitoring – There is increasing scrutiny of the supply chain for food and other perishable goods and being able to monitor and record data on the temperature and humidity for fresh food storage is an increasing priority in many countries. This Application Group comprises devices that measure environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and gases (to determine how fresh particular forms of food might be). The majority of these connections will be monitoring items within refrigerated warehouses to make sure the cold chain is not broken. These items include biopharma products as well as food and dairy products.

For a full set of country-by-country forecasts, refer to the IoT Forecast Database.

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