The connected cities market will be worth USD38 billion by 2024

02 September 2015
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Alex Chau - Research Director, Head of Asia
Keywords: IoT, internet of things, internet, things, M2M, machine-to-machine, smart, cities, transport, parking, street, lighting, waste, refuse, tolls, traffic, management, CCTV
Number of Pages: 15

City managers are increasingly turning to ‘smart cities’ initiatives to deal with the challenges caused by rapid urbanization and increasing global economic competition. As a result the demand is high for a diverse range of smart city applications, including street lighting, CCTV, traffic and parking, and waste management, to name just a few. With such a tremendous growth opportunity, it is important for suppliers to understand factors such as which applications are really going to dominate the space, which technologies will be used, and the size of the revenue opportunity.

This Research Note provides an overview of our detailed forecasts and analysis of the Connected Cities sector.

Full details on each of the Application Groups covered are contained within the associated Application Spotlights. The underlying forecast numbers are available in the M2M Forecast Database.

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