Taking a closer look at the definition of IoT

08 December 2016
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Emil Berthelsen
Keywords: IoT, M2M, telemetry, SCADA, telematics, data, analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning, Subnets of Things, data governance, data privacy
Number of Pages: 11

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has a long history with roots in Information technology (IT), machine-to-machine (M2M) and operational technology (OT). Many opportunities have been realized based on this definition of IoT as an extension to IT, M2M and OT, as evidenced by billions of connected devices, and the increasing importance of sensor data and remote monitoring in enterprise business strategies. with more than a few years of exposure to trials and implementations by enterprises, technology developments by vendors, and definitions by international associations and standards bodies, Machina Research recommends that it is timely to revisit how IoT is defined, what is in scope and what the concept addresses. Specifically, Machina Research does not believe that this definition does justice to the opportunities within IoT, and that this way of thinking of, and describing, IoT limits its potential.

This Research Note explains the early thoughts around the definition of IoT, and where it is today, and where the center of gravity of IoT has moved to.

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