Global M2M Modules Report: Advancing LTE migration heralds massive change in global M2M modules market

03 December 2013
Report type: Strategy Report
Author(s): Andy Castonguay - Principal Analyst
Keywords: module, device, modem, m2m, machine-to-machine, Telit, Gemalto, Cinterion, ublox, Sierra, LTE, 4G

The report “Global M2M Modules Report: Advancing LTE migration heralds massive change in global M2M modules market” is focused on the rapidly evolving market dynamics related to WWAN M2M modules and the future market opportunity within the M2M modules industry. As the primary radio access point for a significant portion of the wirelessly connected M2M market, WWAN modules represent a crucial component in the overall M2M supply chain and their costs and technical capabilities comprise fundamental elements of M2M solution and product design. The report is based on detailed and extensive discussions with key relevant stakeholders, supplemented by Machina Research’s extensive understanding of the changing dynamics of the industry. Leveraging Machina Research’s comprehensive forecast database, this report also outlines the growth of shipments for M2M WWAN modules across global regions as well as top industry verticals and associated applications. This report examines several key drivers of M2M module design, pricing and expected shipment volumes for a ten-year forecast period. In particular, the report provides detail and analysis of the changing network technology landscape in top global markets that is transforming the demand for LTE modules and, as a result, altering the balance of global module pricing and design. The report also examines how the increasing availability of LTE modules and improved price points will fundamentally alter the decision-making process of companies looking to integrate M2M modules and connectivity into their products and services portfolio as well as into their own business operations and processes.

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