Specialist Office Equipment: 4.1 million devices for niche applications

13 March 2017
Report type: Application Spotlight
Author(s): Pierce Owen - Analyst
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, IoT, Internet of Things, specialist office equipment, cellular networks, networks testing, TV production, automotive, diagnostics
Companies: GoPro, Thermo Scientific
Number of Pages: 8

This Application Spotlight covers connected Specialist Equipment within offices which is not specific to any particular vertical, including testing equipment (e.g. automotive and telecoms), TV production, scientific equipment, banking and trading systems, and publishing.

This Application Spotlight provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the IoTĀ market related to Specialist Office Equipment. It provides a definition, description, analysis of drivers and barrier, and high level forecasts for growth in connections, technology split and revenue opportunity.

For a full set of country-by-country forecasts, refer to theĀ IoT Forecast Database.

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