Smart road tolls can reduce congestion and generate revenue

10 September 2015
Report type: Implementation Guide
Author(s): Alex Chau - Research Director, Head of Asia
Keywords: IoT, internet of things, internet, things, M2M, machine-to-machine, smart, cities, road, vehicle, ITS, intelligent, transport, systems, toll, car, Germany, Korea, Stockholm, Sao Paolo, Singapore
Number of Pages: 30

Road congestion remains a top priority for cities around the world. With roads essentially serving as the main arteries of the city, congestion problems can have a knock-on effect on other areas of the city. Many view toll charging as a possible solution to eliminate road congestion in and around the city. There are a number of solutions on the market but they are generally silo in nature and do not interface with other services in the city, which restricts their effectiveness.

This Implementation Guide provides guidance to city managers on how they should best deploy smart road tolling. It examines the business case for their deployment and provides five case studies: LKW-Maut in Germany, Stockholm, Sao Paolo, Hi-Pass in Korea and Singapore’s electronic road pricing.

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