Connected Cities: Road Traffic Management — IoT Opportunities Include Road Tolling and Smart Parking

27 July 2017
Report type: Application Spotlight
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, IoT, Internet of Things, congestion charging, road tolls, road pricing, parking, traffic lights, Intelligent Transportation Systems, ITS, traffic volume monitoring, traffic information systems, variable message signs, law enforcement cameras, automated number plate recognition, ANPR, on-board unit, OBU, private-public partnership, smart city, emissions, ISO, VICS, DSRC, V2I, vehicle to infrastructure, Electronic Toll Collection, ETC, SCATS, LTA, SINIAV, LPWA, SFPark, NB-IoT
Companies: Xively, Cosm, Pachube, Smartway, Deutsch Telekom, Toll Collect, ASFINAG, 51 Park, SFMTA, U-Parking, ZTE
Number of Pages: 12

Traffic congestion has become a major headache for city managers in the last couple of decades and it’s getting worse. This is particularly true of older cities where roads cannot be expanded so intelligent traffic management is the only way to tackle the problem. Vehicles that are stuck in traffic are a major contributor to CO2 emissions and many cities have tried to reduce the number of cars without success.

This Application Spotlight shows how city technology strategic planners can use road traffic management solutions to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and carbon emissions. Implementation is most advanced in developed Asia/
Pacific. Smartphones are ousting IoT devices from these solutions.

Detailed country-by-country forecasts, including connections, technology splits, traffic and revenue for this (and all other) M2M application are available at

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