M2M: a revenue stream for the operator, or a barrier to cost reduction?

30 October 2012
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Matt Hatton, Terry Norman - Associate Principal Analyst
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, technology, 2G, 3G, 4G, refarming, switch-off
Number of Pages: 5

While the balance is shifting towards 3G, most new M2M devices are still 2G. As a result, Mobile Network Operator (MNO) strategies with regard to their 2G networks are critical to the future of M2M. Many are increasingly looking to refarm 2G (and 3G) for use with more spectrally efficient technologies. This Research Note examines the trend for spectrum refarming and assesses the impact on MNOs and the rest of the M2M value chain.

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