Cloud-based M2M platforms such as Jasper’s Control Center or Ericsson’s DCP can help many MNOs in exploiting the potential of M2M

29 September 2012
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Jim Morrish - Founder & Chief Research Officer, Matt Hatton
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, technology, platforms, middleware
Number of Pages: 5

M2M connectivity support and service enablement platforms1 (e.g. Jasper Wireless’s Control Center, Ericsson’s Device Connection Platform or in-house developed alternatives such as Vodafone’s GDSP) play a critical role in the M2M space, and contribute significantly to the overall development of the M2M market as a whole. The deployment of an M2M platform can bring benefits to a mobile operator in several key areas including: reducing operator costs, supporting the demands of an operator’s clients, helping MNOs to partner to deliver services, maintaining a leading edge proposition, maintaining focus on customer requirements, taking ‘friction’ out of the sales cycle, and simplifying solution development. This Research Note discusses each of these roles in more detail and then examines the relative benefits of cloud-based M2M platform solutions compared to in-house developed platforms.

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