Open Innovation Platform drives IoT application development in Malaysia

07 October 2016
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Emil Berthelsen
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, IoT, Internet of Things, Mi-MIST, Malaysia, Industrie 4.0, standards, Operational Data Spaces, open data
Companies: Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), Malaysian Ministry of Science (MIMOS), Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)
Number of Pages: 6

Innovation is never uniform, and IoT is no exception to the rule. The maturity of IoT markets across the globe reflects both very early stage developments in M2M and IoT in for example Latin American, African and SE Asian markets to significantly more advanced markets in for example Europe, the US, Japan, Australia and Singapore. The motivations behind M2M and IoT market development include regulation and government initiatives, and in Malaysia, one such government initiative, launched during MIMOS MyIoT Week / Asia IoT Business Platform in Kuala Lumpur was Mi-MIST which aims to nurture accelerated IoT application development in the country through the Open Innovation Platform. 

This Research Note shares a description and analysis of the recent initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) in Malaysia in launching its Open Innovation Platform, Mi-MIST (MIMOS Internet Services of Things).

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