Nurturing the maker community will benefit software vendors more than hardware

10 June 2015
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Matt Hatton
Keywords: IoT, internet of things, internet, things, M2M, machine-to-machine, maker, developer, hackspace, Arduino, Raspberry, Pi, faire, hobbyist, intrapreneur, ARM, IBM, Samsung, NodeRed, Bluemix, Samsung, MediaTek, Artik, Ayla, Relayr, TinkerForge, hardware, software
Number of Pages: 6

There is a vibrant ‘maker’ community emerging in IoT. A number of vendors of both hardware and software are seeking to tap into this market. Some products, such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi do so with the express intent of specifically supporting that part of the market. Others do so in the hope that supporting early stage start-ups will translate into larger volumes if and when the maker’s creation reaches mass market. This Research Note examines some of the initiatives being undertaken by major vendors to support the maker community and particularly focuses on whether these initiatives are ultimately worthwhile for the supplier.

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