Market Guide for Embedded Operating Systems

14 September 2017
Report type: Strategy Report
Author(s): Aapo Markkanen
Keywords: IoT, Internet of Things, embedded computing, operating systems, OS, software, product development, devices
Companies: ARM Holdings, Alphabet, BlackBerry, Canonical, Concurrent Real-Time, DDC-I, Eclipse, Enea, Express Logic, Google, Green Hills Software, Huawei, Intel Corporation, Lynx Software Technologies Inc., McObject, Mentor Graphics, Micrium, Microsoft Corporation, NXP, Prove & Run, Research in Motion, SYSGO, ScaleDB, Siemens, Silicon Laboratories, SoftBank Group, Thales, Wind River, Wittenstein high integrity systems, eSOL
Number of Pages: 22

Embedded OSs are key enablers for enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders designing an IoT-enabled product, allowing new features while staying within constrained design parameters. This research examines the capabilities that must be factored in to the selection of an embedded OS.

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