M2M growth necessitates a new approach to network planning and optimisation

22 May 2015
Report type: White Paper
Author(s): Matt Hatton
Number of Pages: 0

Growing numbers of machine-to-machine (M2M) connected devices, as part of the emergence of an Internet of Things, will create challenges for Mobile Network Operators. The absolute volume of devices and mobile network traffic will be ostensibly quite manageable, with M2M accounting for just 19% of connections and 4% of traffic. However, traditional handsets, tablets and mobile broadband connections are relatively homogenous in their demands, in terms of usage, geographical location, criticality, security and numerous other criteria. M2M devices are much more diverse. As a result, M2M devices have the potential to place completely different demands on the network.

This White Paper provides a snapshot of the growth of M2M/IoT in terms of numbers of devices and traffic, examines the ways in which M2M can put different and unexpected strains on the network, with a particular focus on connected cars, and finally offers some perspectives on how this might necessitate some changes in network engineering and operations.

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