How do enterprises fund their Internet of Things deployments?

18 July 2016
Report type: Research Note
Author(s): Matt Hatton
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, IoT, Internet of Things, funding, financing, finance, cost, lease, vendor, asset, shared, risk, reward
Companies: Masternaut, OnAsset, SFpark, Inovgrid, GATSO, Redflex, American Traffic Solutions, AMKO, CMHG Capital, Hitachi, East Coast Railways, Tapiola, Cozify
Number of Pages: 9

What becomes increasingly apparent from studying the Internet of Things is that there is a tremendous variety of applications that should be deployed to help companies and public bodies to make money and save money (or other precious commodities, such as water). There are a number of barriers to this deployment, not least the complexity. However, a significant portion of the headache associated with deploying IoT relates to the cost. By 2025, enterprises, both public and private, will be spending over USD1 trillion on IoT. It is easy when looking at the growth of the IoT to assume that there is a limitless pot of money to deploy the weird and wonderful solutions encompassed within the term. Even when a healthy dose of financial realism is factored in, it is still difficult to avoid the assumption that deploying IoT applications with obvious and immediate return on investment will simply happen as a matter of course. There are many competing demands for any enterprise’s resources, of which IoT is just one.

This Research Note examines the cost of deploying IoT, some of the ways in which those costs are coming down, the alternative options for funding IoT, and the implications of these alternative financing mechanisms. 

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