Enterprise IoT will disrupt your industry

24 November 2015
Report type: White Paper
Author(s): Emil Berthelsen
Number of Pages: 0

Enterprise IoT is a disruptive market force. Smarter connected products and services are transforming industries and changing markets. Enterprise IoT will become a differentiating factor between businesses that succeed and those that don’t.

With increasing numbers of enterprises now considering their IoT options, Machina Research is a critical source of information for enterprises as they determine their IoT strategy. 

This White Paper offers an overview of some of the key themes in Enterprise IoT, and an insight into some of the research covered in our Enterprise IoT Research Stream. It explores the opportunities presented by IoT, looks at how internal business structures and methodologies need to evolve to reflect the growth of IoT, and provides recommendations on the Enteprise IoT journey.

The White Paper is free to download, but will require registration for those who are not subscribers to Machina Research's Advisory Service. 

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