Competitive Landscape IoT Platform Vendors

09 November 2017
Report type: Strategy Report
Author(s): Isabel Chapman - Principal Analyst
Keywords: platforms, SIs, business models, verticals, best practice, strategy, go to market, Accenture, Altizon, Arrayent, AWS, Ayla Networks, Bosch, BSQUARE, Electric Imp, Eurotech, Exosite, Fujitsu, HPE, GE, IBM, LTI, MachineShop,Microsoft, Oracle, Particle, Prodapt, PTC, Relayr, SAP, Siemens, Teezle, Telit, Vinetech, Xively, Zebra
Number of Pages: 15

Despite its immaturity, the IoT platform market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of companies offering solutions. To succeed, technology product marketing leaders need to sharpen their IoT go-to-market strategy and evangelize and educate the market on the art of the possible.

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