Assisted Living: Ageing populations driving smart solutions

03 April 2017
Report type: Application Spotlight
Author(s): Pierce Owen - Analyst
Categories: Assisted Living
Keywords: M2M, machine-to-machine, IoT, Internet of Things, Assisted Living, telecare, PERS, mPERS, pill dispenser, medication dispenser, emergency watch, telecare alarm, personal alarm, age-in-place, fall detectors, GPS, alarm watch, pendant alarm
Companies: Fold Group, OnCall Defender, SecurUs, GreatCall, GTX, Philips, Limmex, Lively, Vigilio, Better Alert, Samsung, VSN Mobil, Q-Medic, Freeus, Proteus, PivoTell, TabSafe, MedMinder, Gema Touch, Vitality, Compliance Meds Technologies, GrandCare Systems, Alertme Telecare, BeClose, Evermind, Aerotel, Essence, AT&T
Number of Pages: 17

The aging demographics in many countries mean that care for the elderly will overwhelm existing healthcare systems which are already facing shortages of caregivers. Connected assisted living solutions provide a path towards expanding healthcare capabilities while also generating new insights into patient behavior and conditions. Healthcare organizations and technology providers must quickly adapt to attract talented data analysts and scientists who can convert future streams of patient data into useful and actionable insights to improve patient lives. 

This Application Spotlight provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the IoT market related to the healthcare application Assisted Living. It provides a definition, description, analysis of drivers and barrier, and high level forecasts for growth in connections, technology split and revenue opportunity. Applications covered include the likes of connected medicine dispensers, panic button alarms, people tracking devices, and comprehensive connected home systems.

For a full set of country-by-country forecasts, refer to the IoT Forecast Database.

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