White Paper - Unlocking the market to millions of devices in M2M and IoT: Simplifying integration and secure connections

08 January 2014

Machina Research has published a White Paper in conjunction with Throughtek, focusing on the issues faced by enterprises launching connected consumer products, and how the IOTC P2P-based platform from Throughtek can provide an efficient solution.

The White Paper looks at:

  • Ease of integration with various devices
  • Better Network Security
  • Ease of setup, reducing customer service costs and refund rates significantly
  • Customisation of the solutions
  • Delivery of companion apps on mobile devices

As more and more enterprises explore the benefits and opportunities in their markets, and more and more devices become connected, these areas will become areas of competitive advantage for any business introducing M2M and IoT products.

The White Paper can be downloaded from the Throughtek website.

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