White Paper - Connecting your business: The top 10 things to consider when procuring M2M services

22 November 2012

Machina Research has an established reputation for supporting the buyers of M2M services from the identification of need, specification of requirements, issuing of RFPs, and selection of suppliers. With this White Paper we summarise the top 10 areas that we believe are the key things you, as a potential buyer of M2M  must look out for when engaging in an RFP process.

You are not alone. An increasing number of businesses are recognising the potential benefits offered by the addition of connectivity to their products, services and business processes. These “M2M” solutions permit capabilities such as real time monitoring of remote assets, remote diagnostics and the addition of extra features valuable to the ultimate end-user.

M2M also opens the door to almost limitless datamining possibilities. Once your business has identified a requirement or benefit associated with the addition of connectivity, the next step might seem intimidating. While the design of key functions of a product or service remain the in-house cornerstones of your product management departments, understanding and enabling a “connected device” will involve partnerships with a complex range of players, e.g. module manufacturers, software developers, connectivity providers, system integrators, and potentially service and support providers.

It is challenging to understand the technology and business issues of this alien M2M landscape. This white paper recognizes the Request for Proposal (RFP) process as an absolute necessity for you to understand the solutions for connected devices. The paper outlines an easy-to-apply list of top 10 things to be considered in such a process, in terms of what technical and commercial elements should be addressed, and what considerations should be made in relation to the actual RFP process.

This White Paper deals with the RFP process. It should be noted that the RFP is not the only element in the equation. Before it is issued, you would be well advised to have properly identified your business need and carefully selected potential RFP partners.

To download the report click here.

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