Webinar - 'Procuring and implementing smart cities solutions' rescheduled to 19 May 2015

02 April 2015

While city managers and other stakeholders are keen to embrace ‘Smart City’ concepts as a way to improve community life and save costs, there remains a high degree of uncertainty about the best way to pursue such a strategy. Managers of campus areas (such as docksides, industrial estates and retail parks) face much the same challenges, but on a smaller scale. In November 2014 Machina Research launched its ‘Smart Cities’ Research Stream aimed specifically at supporting city and campus managers in their understanding of how best to deploy smart solutions. The ultimate goal is to provide managers with a ‘play book’ to guide them as they consider issues such as: which applications to deploy, in which timescales, how much they will cost, how they should be funded, what the impact will be on the city, and which suppliers to look at.

In this webinar we will provide our views on the key themes that are emerging in smart city solution deployment, examine some case studies of successful deployments, and discuss key success factors for city managers. This will include examination of specific schemes aimed at increasing the efficiency of municipal services such as public transport, street lighting and refuse collection, as well as providing more public services such as municipal WiFi. It will also look at the approach taken by cities like Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubai and Singapore which are deploying multi-application programmes underpinned by a city ‘platform’.

We will also provide our assessment of the supply-side opportunity, looking at growth opportunities, technology options, and competitive landscape, which are all core elements in our existing ‘Connected Cities’ Research Stream.

Join Machina Research’s Alex Chau and Jim Morrish for the webinar ‘Procuring and implementing smart cities solutions' on the 19th May. This is a rescheduling of the webinar previously scheduled for the 23rd April. 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK / 5pm Central Europe

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