Webinar - Insights from Early Adopters of the IoT - 6 August 2015

29 July 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a quickly evolving from a lofty concept to an exciting reality. Early adopters have paved the way for the broader wave of IoT planners and thinkers to move forward in connecting their products, generating a feedback loop between their devices and the end users. The insights gained from IoT pioneers can make the implementation process easier and more straightforward for those to follow. 

This live webinar analyzes the characteristics of IoT first movers. It will discuss how these particular elements can contribute to furthering the learning and progression of those companies who have yet to connect their products with the Internet.

Join Machina Research's Godfrey Chua and Ryan Lester, Director of Marketing at Xively on 6th August at 1pm Eastern to gain valuable insights from these early adopters on how to accelerate your IoT plans.

Register HERE.

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