Webinar - Forecasting the Global M2M Opportunity (15th July 2015)

15 July 2015

Following the recently released M2M Global Forecast and Analysis 2014-24 report, Machina Research is delighted to host a webinar focusing on the results of that report.

On 24th June Machina Research published its annual review of the global M2M market opportunity in the M2M Global Forecast and Analysis 2014-24 report.

On the 15th July 2015, join Machina Research's Matt Hatton and Margaret Ranken for a webinar where we dig into the forecasts and examine the key evolving dynamics that will determine the M2M opportunity. 

This webinar will include analysis of connections, the main leading applications, technologies, traffic and revenue, as well as exploring the key developments in the last 12 months that have caused us to change our view on market development.

The webinar will run on 15th July 2015 at Pacific 8am / Eastern 11am / UK 4pm / Europe 5pm.

Register HERE.

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