Webinar - Enterprise IoT: How to beat the competition (23rd June 2015)

05 June 2015

In recent months, the IoT has moved towards the very top of many enterprise agendas. However, much of the discussion in the Enterprise IoT space remains conceptual, illustrated by a few reference case studies. In this webinar Machina Research will highlight the enterprise perspective on IoT, including discussion of key steps in IoT solution identification, specification, development, and organisational readiness. 

Enterprise managers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to implement IoT solutions to remain competitive and deliver improved operational performance, innovative products and services, new customer experiences and financial improvements. Implementing such solutions will require a significant shift in mindset compared to traditional approaches as well as a clear understanding of the changing market dynamics that IoT for enterprises brings. For example, Enterprise IoT solutions are fundamentally different from ‘old style’ IT and OT solutions in terms of parameters such as scalability, agility, flexibility and speed. 

We will start this webinar by identifying some of the key ways in which Enterprises can benefit from IoT solutions, and analysing drivers for adoption. However, the main focus of the webinar will be a discussion of how to get new IoT solution propositions deployed into a live environment. Technically, this can be a relatively quick and simple process (for instance supported by one of the highly sophisticated platforms providers currently available). However such a high-level abstracted approach may not always be the best approach. And, irrespective of the technical approach adopted by enterprise managers, IoT solutions often have significant change-management and commercial risk implications that need to be fully recognised and managed. 

Join Machina Research's Emil Berthelsen and Jim Morrish to understand more about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing Enterprise IoT.


The webinar will run on 23rd June 2015 at Pacific 8am / Eastern 11am / UK 4pm / Europe 5pm.

Replay information HERE.

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