Update on M2M & IoT Regulation in Brazil, including permanent roaming

05 December 2014

In terms of M2M and IoT regulation, Brazil is probably the country that has attracted the most attention. It has been something of a test case for issues relating to permanent roaming, and its change in taxation policy has made a substantial change to the market. As a result, understanding the regulatory environment is critical to success in this key global market. Because of this, Machina Research has focused a lot of attention on understanding the country's regulations. Today we updated our profile of the M2M & IoT Regulation in Brazil, including details of the instructions that Anatel has given MNOs on how to deal with permanent roaming, and the different taxation rules that apply to different types of 'M2M' device.

Commenting on the work, Machina Research Founder & CEO Matt Hatton said "Brazil is an absolutely critical global market, and MNOs need to understand and adapt to the regulatory environment, which is rather different from others around the world in how it deals with permanent roaming. MNOs need a strategy to cope, such as Vodafone's venture with Datora, or they risk disappointing customers, escalating costs, or both." Hatton also holds the view that the implications of the regulations in Brazil extend beyond that market: "Today Brazil is something of an outlier in terms of its rules on permanent roaming, but we expect more regulators to start adopting more strict rules in this area.

Machina Research's M2M & IoT Regulation Research Stream provides profiles on M2M and IoT related regulation in 63 countries (and growing) around the world. For more information, including the recent Brazil update, click here.

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