The impact of regulation on the Internet of Things - webinar 20th January

10 December 2014

There are a number of key regulatory issues that have the potential to affect the growth of the Internet of Things. The uncertainty over 'permanent roaming' rules that are challenging some operators in Brazil will likely spread to other countries. In Europe the new EU General Data Protection regulation places new requirements on anyone dealing in 'personal' data. In India, Singapore and the UK, regulators are initiating activities relating to IoT. The next 12 months will be an important one for regulators and the regulatory environment. 

Drawing upon Machina Research’s extensive research in M2M & IoT Regulation, this webinar will provide our perspectives on issues such as permanent roaming, national roaming, spectrum licensing, data privacy, and data sovereignty and how they will affect market growth. It will provide essential information on the regulatory environment for all those involved in the IoT industry, including enterprise users, telecoms operators and regulators.

Join Machina Research's Matt Hatton and Emma Buckland on the 20th January at 11am GMT to understand more about how the changing regulatory environment might affect you.

For a replay of this webinar, click HERE.

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