Survey - Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of the IoT

01 December 2015

Machina Research recently worked with Xively to survey 1,700 enteprises about their adoption of IoT and attitudes towards it. The highlights have been synthesized into a summary report.

The Internet of Things is shifting from companies asking “if” to “how” they should be taking advantage of creating connected products. In the report, we examine the differences between those who have begun their IoT journey and those who are still in the planning stages. We present the research results to serve as mile markers to those still deciding how to take the first steps to becoming a connected business. Download this research report to learn the following:

  • Unforeseen complexities and challenges that can arise when connecting your products
  • Which business departments and partners need to be involved in developing your IoT strategy
  • What’s worked (and what hasn’t worked) with early adopters of the IoT

The report is available to download HERE.

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