Research Agenda 2016

13 January 2016

Machina Research has a packed agenda of topics to cover on the Internet of Things during 2016. Below is a summary, highlighting the Strategy Reports and other key deliverables by quarter for the year. Where the deliverable is associated with a specific Research Stream that is indicated (in parentheses).

First quarter

Naturally January is a month for looking at what the coming year has in store, and Machina Research will be publishing its predictions for 2016. Our first major deliverable of the year will be our Strategy Report on IoT Platforms which is due in mid-January and will provide our views on this increasingly crowded and active space. Additionally the first quarter will see a lot of focus on our Enterprise IoT Research Stream with three key Strategy Reports.

Strategy Reports

  • IoT Platforms Best Practice - Analysis of the role of platforms in supporting IoT including profiling of the key IoT-related platforms (IoT Strategies)
  • Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms – IoT in the context of the wider enterprise mobility requirement (Enterprise IoT)
  • Procurement of IoT services – Advising enterprises on how to procure IoT and from whom (Enterprise IoT)
  • IoT for Corporate Social Responsibility – Assessing how IoT can be used to help enterprises meet their CSR obligations (Enterprise IoT)

Other key deliverables

  • LPWA tracker – A tracker of LPWA developments around the world providing key information such as which technologies are available in which countries (M2M Strategies)


Second quarter

The two key topics in Q2 will be the thorny ones of privacy and security. Until now the hollow platitude that ‘security/privacy is important’ has dominated discussion of the topic in IoT. Machina Research will continue its exploration of meaningful ways of effectively addressing these two topics. Also covered this quarter will be evolving trends in corporate wellness related to IoT, as well as our annual snapshot of the global market opportunity in the Global Forecast Report.

Strategy Reports

  • Privacy in IoT – Examining how the growth in remote monitoring devices will affect personal privacy and the technical, commercial and legal implications (IoT Strategies)
  • IoT Security – Providing a template for tackling what is probably the biggest challenge in IoT (M2M Strategies)
  • Future Wellness – A standalone report looking at the key technology trends in connected healthcare as they affect corporations
  • Global forecast report – A snapshot of the global IoT opportunity, taking data from our Forecast Database.

Other key deliverables

  • Smart Cities Benchmarking Index – A ranking of cities according to our determination of how smart they are (Smart Cities)


Third quarter

The third quarter focuses on communications and access networks. It will kick off with the release of the annual update of the CSP Benchmarking Report, and also include an update on the Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity landscape.

Strategy Reports

  • CSP Benchmarking Report – Comparing the strategies of 15-20 Communications Service Providers and M2M Service Providers, and providing assessment of best practice in M2M and IoT (M2M Strategies)
  • LPWA strategies – An update on last year’s Strategy Report on Low Power Wide Area networks and the latest status of this critical evolution in IoT connectivity (M2M Strategies)

Other key deliverables

  • Smart Cities Best Practice – Project management case studies of best practice in deploying smart cities applications (Smart Cities)


Fourth quarter

The key deliverable in October will be our State of the Nation report and survey, and we will also host our first User Forum in London giving clients a chance to interact directly with our analysts. Also in Q4 our attention turns to some of the more nebulous topics in IoT

Strategy Reports

  • State of the Nation – This report will provide our overall view on the key trends in IoT, including an extensive survey of enterprises and how they are deploying IoT.
  • The new IoT economy – Examining how the growth of IoT will fundamentally change business models and economic relationships. (IoT Strategies)
  • Data management/analytics – Looking at the opportunities associated with the data generated by IoT devices, including management and analytics. (IoT Strategies)

Other key deliverables

  • Machina Research User Forum – Machina Research will be hosting its first annual User Forum in London in October.
  • Enterprise IoT workshops – Supporting enterprises as they deploy IoT, we have been doing this for a while through a series of custom engagements, but will publish our workshop materials for clients in Q4. (Enterprise IoT)


Naturally we like to use our shorter Research Note report format to allow ourselves the flexibility to cover whatever new topics arise and gain momentum during the year. However, we have already planned out a range of topics to cover.

In the IoT Strategies Research Stream we will feature:

  • Updates on M2M/IoT platforms (expanding on the soon-to-be-published Strategy Report)
  • Blockchains
  • Semantics & ontologies
  • Software bots
  • Micropayments
  • Next generation product lifecycle management
  • Industrial gateways and fog computing.

During the year in the M2M Strategies Research Stream we will expand on the coverage of CSP capabilities by delving in more detail into the adjacent space of value-added resellers/service providers/MVNOs in some detail, so expect profiles of the key players and analysis of their opportunity. Coverage topics will include:

  • CSP and M2M Service Provider Benchmarking
  • Drones
  • Smart buttons
  • The impact of Network Functions Virtualisation/Software Defined Networking (NFV/SDN) on IoT
  • The impact of 5G
  • Updates on 2G/3G switch off
  • Energy harvesting
  • Sensors and MEMS

In our Smart Cities Research Stream we will publish regional guides, plus more Application Implementation Guides. As ever we will also maintain and further expand our market forecasts. Early in the year we will extend our  M2M Forecast Database to cover the entirety of Internet of Things revenues, which will result in an extended IoT Forecast Database. The M2M & IoT Regulation Research Stream will also see regular updating of the almost 90 country profiles contained within. We will also continue to examine in great detail the evolving trends in the critical automotive sector in our Smarter Cars Research Stream.

If you have any questions about our Research Agenda, or would like to know more about our work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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