Press Release: New Machina Research Report shines a spotlight on the key IoT and big data issue of privacy

22 November 2016

Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things, has published a new Strategy Report examining the reasons why privacy is an important issue in IoT and offers its recommendations on the most burning issues.

During a survey conducted in summer 2016 by Machina Research’s of 420 enterprises in the US, we asked organisations to rank the main concerns when pursuing IoT solutions (or barriers to adoption). Security consistently features as the number one or two main barrier in every IoT survey, and it proved to be the number one reason in our study.

Privacy is the right of an individual to be ‘left alone’ but in the IoT and big data context, it includes the right to choose and control the way personal data is accessed and managed by others. This report uses prior work from Machina Research on the IoT landscape and regulatory profiles, and the recent Enterprise IoT Survey, as a springboard to examine a key IoT and big data issue of privacy. From the reasons why privacy is an important issue in IoT, to reviewing relevant legislation across jurisdictions globally and assessing the relative sensitivity of different sectors to privacy issues. Also looked at are the commercial issues raised by privacy, notably the issue of trading of data and bartering of privacy for other benefits, and the way that management of privacy might present an commercial opportunity for data brokers and trusted third parties (TTPs).

Author of the report, Isabel Chapman, Principal Analyst at Machina Research comments: “IoT relies on velocity and volume of data, challenging governments to keep up in terms of regulating privacy elements. A different approach is needed which requires looking at data from an economic perspective: we all trade our data as long as we perceive there to be equal benefit to value. Both countries and companies have opportunities to innovate in this nascent space."

The report is available as part of the IoT Strategies Research Stream. For more information on these insights, see the full Strategy Report 'IoT and Privacy: Compliance, trade-offs and opportunities'.


About Machina Research

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