Press Release: New Machina Research report explores the importance of vendor selection in achieving business transformation through IoT

01 June 2016

Machina Research, the world's leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things, today published a Strategy Report exploring the pressing need for enterprises to embrace IoT and the complexity of making the right choice of vendor to help them develop and deploy the best-suited IoT solutions.

There is growing consensus that IoT is reaching maturity. The signs include vendor reach into the mid-market as well as the start of consolidation. Traditional large IT vendors are either acquiring expertise in IoT or they are building organically, giving rise to independent business units. Equally, there are successful deployments in all sectors and publicly available case studies. IoT involves business transformation and those businesses that do not embrace it will get left behind.

Machina Research’s new report ‘IoT Procurement’ examines the breadth of the supply market and how to navigate the vast range of supplier options that exist.

When a business decides it will procure a solution, it has to know what kinds of vendors are best placed to provide it. Identifying the business reasons for deploying IoT solutions, such as whether to make money, save money, or comply with regulations, will drive the choice of vendor.  There is no one-size-fits-all, rather a number of different provider types that are better suited to different kinds of procuring entity and different situations.

Author of the report, Isabel Chapman, Principal Analyst, commented: “IoT is a strategic decision that equates to business transformation, and as such the selection of vendor is a critically important one. Assessing internal forces and requirements as well as due diligence on the most appropriate vendors is key, and this report provides a framework to enable that process.”

The report is available as part of the Industrial and Enterprise IoT Research Stream. For more information on these insights, see the full Strategy Report ‘IoT Procurement’.


About Machina Research

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