Press Release - Machina Research joins the Industrial Internet Consortium

10 February 2015

Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things joins the IIC, the industry association aimed at accelerating the growth of the Industrial Internet

Machina Research today announced its membership of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), an organization of over 130 members focused collectively on encouraging the growth of the Industrial Internet by sharing best practice, encouraging interoperability, helping build standards, and tackling challenges such as security. Founded in 2014, the not-for-profit IIC comprises major technology companies, industrial end-users, government bodies and academics.

We are delighted to be joining the IIC, in order to contribute to building a successful Industrial Internet,” said Jim Morrish Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer of Machina Research. “As the leading analyst firm in this space we feel it is incumbent on us to be involved in initiatives such as this. We see the IIC as a fantastic organization with laudable goals and ambitions and we look forward to working closely with the other members in the coming years to drive the development of the IoT. I have often expressed my view that the enterprise IoT environment will be the crucible for the de-facto standards and protocols that will in time be adopted by the wider IoT, and this is where the rubber hits the road”.

“Machina Research has been collaborating with the IIC for many months,” said Dr. Richard Soley, Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium. “Last December, for example, the two organizations cohosted a webinar on operationalizing the Industrial Internet. We are pleased that Machina Research will be working even more closely with us now as a member.”

Machina Research is the leading analyst firm looking at the Industrial Internet and the wider Internet of Things (IoT), and the first such firm to join the IIC. Our published research includes a wide range of streams tracking the latest developments in the field: ‘Enterprise IoT’ focusses specifically on strategies for end users of IoT services, ‘IoT Strategies’ is aimed at vendors interested in addressing the IoT market opportunity, and ‘M2M & IoT Regulation’ explores data management and other regulatory issues associated with the space. Machina Research also has the world’s most detailed and granular market forecasts of the total market opportunity associated with new connected devices and also the wider IoT.

About Machina Research

Machina Research is the world’s leading provider of strategic advice on the newly emerging Internet of Things, M2M and Big Data markets. Our Advisory Service provides comprehensive support for any organisation interested in these opportunities. Our vertical market information and forecasts cover sectors such as Industry, Healthcare, Cars and Cities. Furthermore we provide guidance on commercial and technical best practice supporting all stakeholders in the sector including users, manufacturers, service providers, investors and regulators. In addition to our syndicated Advisory Service research we also undertake a wide range of client-specific custom research projects ranging from White Papers through to full go-to-market strategies. Machina Research is staffed by the leading industry analysts in the sector.

About the Industrial Internet Consortium

The Industrial Internet Consortium is an open membership organization formed to accelerate the development, adoption and widespread use of interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics and people at work. Founded by AT&T, Cisco, General Electric, IBM and Intel in March 2014, the IIC catalyzes and coordinates the priorities and enabling technologies of the Industrial Internet. For more information, please visit


For further comments or more information on this press release, please contact: Jim Morrish, Chief Research Officer, Machina Research.


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