New Machina Research Report Explores the Need for a Single Enterprise Mobile and IoT platform

14 April 2016

Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things, today published a Strategy Report exploring the growing convergence between Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms and Enterprise IoT platforms.

Conventional mobile devices, in the form of handsets and tablets, have started to form an integral part of IoT architectures. In the Smart Home, Smart Car, Wearables and Smart Industry applications, these mobile devices have become an impressive and multi-purpose device.

One manifestation of this convergence, as explored in Machina Research’s new report “It’s time for a single enterprise mobile and IoT platform”, is that the concepts of enterprise mobility and Enterprise IoT have begun to merge. Having all the devices that are integral to an Enterprise IoT solution supported on the same platform, promises to deliver significant business process improvements, cost savings and improved customer and employee services and experiences.

Commenting on the findings of the report, author Emil Berthelsen, Principal Analyst, commented: “The mobile device is now used as a display, a controller, a sensor, and in some cases, as a gateway for many of the emerging IoT applications. Functionally, there is an increasing overlap between Enterprise IoT solutions and mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs), albeit with a much broader range of devices and protocols in use within Enterprise IoT resulting in greater complexity for device management and connectivity.”

Enterprises and platform providers will be quick to identify the opportunities offered by such platform integrations. Keeping enterprise mobility and Enterprise IoT separate, adds not only additional cost in architectural terms, but also misses the significant opportunities to develop solutions from the shared applications and data. Berthelsen’s view is that “particularly for enterprises, the time is here for a single enterprise mobility and IoT platform strategy.”

The following illustration taken from the report, shows how significant the overlap is.

Figure 1: Shared features of enterprise mobility and Enterprise IoT platforms [Source: Machina Research, 2016]


The report is available as part of the Industrial and Enterprise IoT Research Stream. For more information on these insights, see the full Strategy Report here.

About Machina Research

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