New Machina Research Report examines how enterprises can and should use the IoT to reduce their carbon emissions

13 October 2016

Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things, has published a new Strategy Report on the potential of IoT applications to reduce the enterprise’s carbon emissions.

There are many drivers for enterprises to reduce their carbon emissions, including regulatory, financial, customer perception and financial market requirements. Moreover, enterprises have as much interest in ensuring the prevention of runaway climate change as every other human institution and organization. Some companies such as insurers are directly exposed to the negative impact of climate change; others can expect that the consequences of climate change will have negative impact on the demand for their products or on the conditions in which they conduct their business. Action to reduce carbon emissions therefore makes basic business sense.

This report examines the potential for IoT applications that enable an enterprise to reduce its carbon emissions. There have been a number of publications from a wide range of sources investigating the ways in which Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in general, and mobile communications in particular, can assist in the overall reduction of carbon emissions. Recently Machina Research worked with the UK Carbon Trust to support a research and modelling project intended to identify the amount of CO2 already being retired (that is, not emitted) as a result of mobile communications technology, with a specific focus on the reductions enabled by IoT.

Author of the report, Jeremy Green, Principal Analyst at Machina Research comments: “The implementation of the Paris Climate agreement means that reducing carbon emissions will become increasingly important for enterprises. Our report and the associated model shows how the IoT can be a key resource in addressing this.”

Aimed at the enterprise, this report provides explicit advice on how to use the IoT to reduce their own emissions, accompanied by a spreadsheet tool designed to be used by managers to identify and quantify carbon reduction opportunities enabled by the IoT.

The report is available as part of the Industrial & Enterprise IoT Research Stream. For more information on these insights, see the full Strategy Report ‘Enterprises should use the IoT to achieve their carbon emission reduction goals’.


About Machina Research

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