Machina Research Webinar with the Industrial Internet Consortium - 2nd December 2014

17 November 2014

Putting The Industrial Internet To Work: The Opportunities & Challenges Of Enterprise IoT

2nd December 2014, 11-12 Eastern Standard Time

A new era in enterprise-wide productivity has begun, accelerated by the Industrial Internet. The Industrial Internet enables intelligent industrial operations by combining machines+computers+people with advanced analytics. This alignment and integration of OT and IT environments will result in huge gains from predictive maintenance routines, new product & service integration and innovation, and new business model opportunities. Real-time data feedback and analysis will mean fewer disruptions, streamlined operations and significantly better business outcomes. Yet there are also challenges ahead, from data privacy to security to system interoperability and more.

Join this complimentary webinar to learn how to identify and understand the benefits and opportunities of the Industrial Internet, as well as the major challenges that corporations will face in implementing enterprise-wide IoT.


  • How to remain competitive and customer-oriented in the Industrial Internet era
  • Where the Industrial Internet is being deployed today
  • How to turn Industrial Internet initiatives into tangible and operational results
  • How to operationalize the Industrial Internet inside your organization
  • Where to prioritize efforts
  • What new workforce skills are necessary
  • What some of the main issues are such as data privacy, ownership and security


This webinar is aimed at senior business and operational leaders across multiple industries who are evaluating Industrial Internet technologies.


John Magee, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Software

Richard Soley, Executive Director, The Industrial Internet Consortium

Emil Berthelsen, Principal Analyst, Machina Research


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