Webinar - "Global assessment of the M2M market opportunity 2012-2022"

08 November 2012

On 8th November Machina Research’s Jim Morrish and Matt Hatton presented our annual review of the global M2M market opportunity. Our highly granular forecasts covering 60 different application groups across 200+ countries are seen as the benchmark forecasts for the global M2M market. Over the last few months we have been expanding and refining the forecasts to provide even greater granularity and insight into the M2M market opportunity. In this webinar we presented the key findings on how the market will grow and evolve between now and 2022 including the following:

  • Our view on the growth of global M2M connections and traffic, including our view of technology evolution such as the relative success of short range technologies (e.g. WiFi, Zigbee) versus wide area connectivity, and the shift within cellular from 2G to 3G and on to LTE.
  • Analysis of the value chain and the revenue opportunity for different players in the M2M market
  • Focus on the key vertical sectors and applications that will drive growth
  • Identification of the key growth countries and regions
  • Assessment of the implications for mobile operators, device vendors, service providers and other players in the M2M value chain

The presentation lasts for approximately 60 minutes including Questions & Answers.

To download the replay click here. Please note that the file is 45MB and there is a delay of approximately 3 minutes at the start of the recording before the webinar commences. This is the recording from 9am GMT.

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