Press Release - Machina Research launches Smart City Managers Forum

03 December 2015

Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things today announced the launch of the Smart City Managers Forum a new initiative aimed at sharing best practice, for free, with Smart City managers about how to best roll out Smart City applications

Machina Research today announced the launch of the Smart City Managers Forum, a new resource for municipalities considering deploying Smart City capabilities. Membership is free to City Managers, and provides access to a wide range of Machina Research’s published reports on the subject.

During the course of its extensive research on Smart Cities Machina Research has discovered a lack of resources available to help guide cities on how to go about implementing a Smart City application. Not wanting the Smart City initiatives across the world to lose momentum, we have produced a series of Implementation Guides on different applications, including smart street lighting, public transportation, social WiFi, traffic management, road toll systems, parking, waste management and CCTV, as well as an Implementation Guide focusing on the deployment of smart city platforms. These Implementation Guides provide detailed information on how to deploy Smart City applications, including detailed case studies. The goal of this set of research is to promote, cultivate and accelerate the adoption rates by providing city managers with superior information about how to roll out different applications.

Commenting on the launch, Machina Research Chief Research Officer Jim Morrish said: “Smart Cities are one of the most hyped concepts in our future Internet of Things connected environment. It can often seem that there are so many alternative approaches to deploying a smart city (not to mention the plethora of competing providers and stovepipe approaches) that it's impossible for a city manager to plot a course through the maze.

For this reason, Machina Research has decided to provide its Foundation level of Smart Cities research to Smart City managers for free to those joining the newly formed Smart City Managers Forum. City Managers simply need to register at to get access to the reports.

 Over the course of the next year we will also be complimenting this with a variety of research including our Smart City Manager’s playbook on how to manage the process of moving to being a Smart City, regional guides to smart city implementations, and benchmarking of cities’ progress in deploying smart applications.

Some of the key findings of our recent research include:

  • It is critical to have a dedicated leader to drive the Smart City initiative, making sure that the agendas are followed through between different departments. It is crucial that responsibility for Smart City capabilities lies with a single unit within the city.
  • City Managers must change the way they think. Instead of planning for deploying a single application, they should be thinking ahead and planning for a group of applications and how they will be integrated at a later date.
  • Initially City Managers should look toward applications that have a clear ROI and can save money for the city as a proof of concept for the overarching Smart City scheme. It is easier to get funding approval and it will set a strong foundation for future Smart City applications.
  • Kick off with Smart Street Lighting. The reduced electricity consumption produces a substantial saving and a very rapid return on investment.
  • ICT infrastructure will play an important role for smart city initiatives. Tremendous amount of data will be collected and analyzed, the city should plan their infrastructure accordingly.

Commenting on the smart city development, Alex Chau, who heads the Smart City research within Machina Research said: “There is enormous interest in Smart City initiatives around the world, from developing to developed markets. City Managers are seriously looking at applications and services to solve many problems created by rapid urbanization. They must by proactive in order to address their city’s challenges and remain competitive amongst the cities vying for talented people and business investments. To achieve this, they need to understand the best strategies to adopt to successfully roll out Smart City initiatives. Joining the Smart City Managers Forum will give them access to an invaluable resource to make sure they embrace the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls”.

About the Smart City Managers Forum

The Smart City Managers Forum was founded by Machina Research in 2015 to help municipalities that are considering deploying Smart City applications. Cities signing up to join the Forum gain access to an extensive array of research reports from Machina Research's Smart Cities Research Stream outlining best practice and case studies in deploying a diverse range of smart city applications including street lighting, parking, CCTV and Smart City management platforms. City Managers can register at


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