Live Webinar 6th December: Open systems within smart cities

25 November 2016

Machina Research joins Philips Lighting to deliver a webinar to discuss why there should be openness and interoperability between vendor platforms in smart cities.

Further to a white paper recently published by Machina Research and sponsored by Philips, where the criticality of open systems as key enablers of smart cities was examined, the two organisations come together to deliver a webinar on how different kinds of openness in their data infrastructure can help city services work together more efficiently.

As our urban centers transition into becoming Smart Cities, a new challenge is emerging. More and more areas of a city’s interaction with its citizens and its environment are being enriched with smart infrastructures for data management and communication – but those same infrastructures often cannot exchange their information effectively, or at all.

There is a real danger that as cities move into a data-driven future, they will be maintaining separate silos of information that are locked into proprietary APIs and standards from a single vendor. This is a waste of resources and a missed opportunity: sharing data through seamless integration on a higher level can boost all of these systems’ effectiveness and longevity.

In Openness in smart cities you will discover how an open data infrastructure can help cities to harmonize the way their different services store and share information, which in turn maximizes the value each of these services can deliver to the cities’ residents and businesses.

Join this Live Webinar on December 6th, 4:00 PM CET/ 10:00 AM EDT



Jeremy Green, Principal Analyst, Machina Research
Peter Zink, Road & Street Segment Manager, Philips Lighting


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