Global M2M Association launches 'Multi-Domestic Service' - Machina Research's view

18 February 2015

Today the Global M2M Association (GMA) announced the launch of its new Multi-Domestic Service, based on an M2M management platform from Ericsson and eUICC/subscription management capability supplied by Gemalto. The new capability allows for localisation of SIM cards, to be rendered onto the home network of any of the member operators as necessary depending on where the SIM is active. It also allows for much better monitoring and troubleshooting of devices between networks as well as new billing models.

The GMA comprises six mobile operators (Bell Canada, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, SoftBank, Telecom Italia Mobile and Telia Sonera). Multi-Domestic Service will be initially available with Bell Canada, Orange and Telia Sonera at launch, with the others to follow.

Matt Hatton from Machina Research was quoted in the GMA press release: “The Internet of Things presents a number of challenges for enterprises as they seek to offer a global experience while providing local flexibility on pricing for connectivity. This is exactly the type of initiative that we believe will simplify the process of connecting devices around the world to the benefit of both enterprises and end-users, ultimately supporting the rapid growth rates that we anticipate in the IoT market.”

This capability has been in demand for a few years, particularly from the automotive sector, and Machina Research welcomes any such announcement that streamlines the process of managing multi-country implementations. We look forward to the continued geographical expansion.

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