White Paper - Enterprise IoT: market disruption on your doorstep

24 November 2015

Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things today published a White Paper ‘Enterprise IoT will disrupt your industry’ on the new, disruptive market force termed Enterprise IoT. Characterized by emerging environments of smarter connected products and services, what differentiates Enterprise IoT is the integration and real-time data management and processing with enterprise architectures and systems.

Enterprise IoT is a disruptive market force. Smarter connected products and services are transforming industries and changing markets. With increasing numbers of enterprises now considering their IoT options, Machina Research counsels that a ‘do nothing’ approach could prove very costly for enterprises. Enterprise IoT will become a differentiating factor between businesses that succeed and those that don’t.

There are a number of opportunities and benefits from Enterprise IoT. As shared by the author of the White Paper, Emil Berthelsen, “Enterprises recognise and plan for benefits in IoT from reduced operational costs or improved and enhanced operational performance. What we have seen is that in Enterprise IoT, this portfolio is extended to include new opportunities from generating new revenue streams and business models, improving and enhancing the customer experience, and ultimately creating a differentiated service.”

Before being able to achieve these results, enterprises will need to overcome some challenging barriers such as closed minds, achieving the buy-in and commitment to many of the new steps in an Enterprise IoT journey, and driving the process of transformation with the appropriate Enterprise IoT leader.

Berthelsen comments: “Enterprise IoT is not another technology enablement implemented as we have seen in IT and M2M projects. Enterprise IoT will involve the significant merging of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), and in many cases, IT will become an embedded and intrinsic part of products and services. To achieve this level of transformation, enterprises will need to reinvent themselves.

To take advantage of the opportunity, enterprises need an ‘IoT Leader’ which is amongst other things a sound business analyst, a general IT and OT technologist, and ultimately a catalyst of change. As many enterprises and leaders will discover, Enterprise IoT is a journey, and not a single outcome.

This White Paper draws on research within Machina Research's Enteprise IoT Research Stream which helps enterprises to navigate their way through the complexity of deploying and benefiting from the Internet of Things.

To download a copy of the White Paper 'Enterprise IoT will disrupt your industry' click HERE.

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