Enterprise IoT: An interview with Machina Research Co-Founder Jim Morrish

30 June 2016

Machina Research, the world's leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things, has been exploring the way Enterprise IoT is disrupting traditional business models, processes and technologies. Jim Morrish talks to marketing communications firm, Calysto, during their thought-leadership edition, and shares his insights on the IoT space, the pressing need for enterprises to embrace IoT and the effect it will have on the business world. 

Innovators and early adopters have launched into the Internet of Things in a quest for competitive advantage. IoT technologies are now moving into the mainstream and many enterprises have begun investigating how Enterprise IoT concepts can benefit their businesses and how they can best implement IoT technologies. As market adoption gains pace across industries and sectors, exploring new IoT-related business opportunities will be crucial to future business performance for all enterprises.

In this interview, Jim Morrish explains the importance of IoT on an enterprise level and how this will shape the future: "Enterprise IoT is an underestimated concept. We can talk in vague terms about the adoption of IoT technologies, and the way that the IoT will support our future lives, but the fact is that every single IoT initiative will be driven by an enterprise of some kind. Connected homes won’t happen by themselves: the individual components within those homes will have to be planned, designed, manufactured and sold by enterprises of different kinds. As such, enterprise IoT is where IoT ‘gets real’, and it is within the enterprise context that many of the biggest challenges of the IoT will be addressed and resolved."


Read the full interview here.


About Machina Research

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