10 May 2016
Machina Research’s Principal Analyst, Isabel Chapman, recently wrote a blogpost for software vendor Autodesk on the strategic impact that IoT will have on the enterprise, and the role that the company might play. The full blogpost is available here.
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04 May 2016
Machina Research analysis shows that using non-standardized versus standards-based solutions for IoT will increase the cost of deployment, hinder mass scale adoption, and stifle technology innovation for smart city initiatives worldwide. City authorities and their technology partners could squander USD341 billion by 2025 if they adopt a fragmented versus standardized ...
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03 May 2016
Machina Research comprehensively extends the coverage of its forecasts to include almost the entirety of the Internet of Things revenue opportunity, predicting it will rise from USD892 billion in 2015 to USD4 trillion in 2025. Until now, Machina Research has focussed on publishing machine-to-machine (M2M) forecasts, covering numbers of connected ...
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