19 February 2016
Machina Research, the world’s leading provider of strategic market intelligence on the Internet of Things, has launched a new market tracker to follow the developments in Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks. Seen as increasingly critical to the evolution of the Internet of Things, LPWA networks as a whole enabled ...
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18 February 2016
IoT will account for one quarter of the global 41 million 5G connections in 2024; Japan and Korea will lead the charge, and embedded factory-fit connected cars will be the biggest IoT applicationMachina Research today unveiled its first forecast of the likely adoption of 5G within the Internet of Things ...
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04 February 2016
Yesterday Cisco announced that it was paying USD1.4 billion to acquire Jasper Technologies. The fact that Jasper would be looking for some form of exit has been the worst kept secret in Silicon Valley (i.e. not a secret at all). The favoured option had always seemed like being IPO, so ...
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02 February 2016
Machina Research will have 7 analysts at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 22-25 February, covering all aspects of IoT, M2M, connected car, smart cities, connected healthcare and much much more. In attendance will be Matt Hatton, Emil Berthelsen, Isabel Chapman, Andy Castonguay, Jeremy Green, Godfrey Chua and Jim Morrish. ...
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