25 January 2016
Machina Research today published its latest Strategy Report ‘IoT Platforms Best Practices’ which compares and contrasts the strategies adopted by 20 of the most important software platform vendors active in IoT, examining feature sets and company ecosystem positioning, and determining best practice The ‘IoT platform’ space is a famously crowded ...
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14 January 2016
Every January Machina Research publishes its predictions for IoT in the coming year. This year promises to be an eventful one. The list below provides our predictions for what will happen in the year. It was derived from a host of suggestions from all of Machina Research’s market leading analyst ...
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13 January 2016
Machina Research has a packed agenda of topics to cover on the Internet of Things during 2016. Below is a summary, highlighting the Strategy Reports and other key deliverables by quarter for the year. Where the deliverable is associated with a specific Research Stream that is indicated (in parentheses). First ...
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12 January 2016
Machina Research today published 'Land Agriculture: Decision farming and livestock management driving IoT' the latest in its regular series of Application Spotlights providing detailed analysis of all IoT applications. The key findings of the study, related to the use of IoT in farming and related areas were as follows: The ...
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11 January 2016
An evaluation jointly carried out by Starhome Mach and Machina Research has concluded that Mobile Network Operators need to pay more attention to the impact of M2M roaming on their networks as M2M’s share of roaming doubled in the last 12 months Growth in M2M connections is widely reported and ...
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