22 January 2014
As more devices, things, people and systems continue to “talk” to one another in the M2M and IoT world, enterprises will look to integrate more of these technology solutions as part of their core business processes, and in so doing, pursue the opportunities from machine-generated data. Data management, implicit in ...
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21 January 2014
2014 will see the various players in the M2M and IoT platforms space begin to play more to their strengths. As a result, a more defined market structure will emerge and 2014 will be a year of productisation (and commoditisation) in the M2M and IoT platform space. But the result ...
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16 January 2014
Identifying the right IoT/M2M application platform will be a major and critical decision for enterprises looking to achieve their strategic and operational objectives in the coming years. Machina Research has published a White Paper in conjunction with ThingWorx that looks at the key criteria that enterprises must consider when selecting ...
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09 January 2014
Every year Machina Research provides ten predictions for what will happen in the M2M and IOT world. Here are our predictions for 2014: Dawning realisation of the evolution from M2M to IoT. There has been a lot of buzz around IoT in 2013. This year is when that becomes a ...
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08 January 2014
Machina Research has published a White Paper in conjunction with Throughtek, focusing on the issues faced by enterprises launching connected consumer products, and how the IOTC P2P-based platform from Throughtek can provide an efficient solution. The White Paper looks at: Ease of integration with various devices Better Network Security Ease ...
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