Welcome to Machina Research's Intranet 1.4

Author: Emma
Last update: 12 July 2017 (edited phone list)


All phone numbers below are work phones unless marked otherwise. Personal phone numbers appearing below can be called for work. 

Aapo (+44) (0)7506 030 664 (personal) Emma (+44) (0)7950 887 505 Margaret (+44) (0)7399 481 945 Phil (+44) (0)7881 365 736
Andy (+1) 510 316 5462 Godfrey (+1) 978 594 6114 Matt A (+44) (0)7850 095928    
Emil (+44) (0)7753 417 298 Isabel (+1) 647 332 5010 Matt H (+44) (0)7787 577 886    

Useful links


  • Main server:
  • Desktop sync page:
  • Admins: Emma, Margaret, Matt & Jim
  • Stuck? Go to the main server link above, click on the menu icon (triple bar) in the top right corner, then Help, and click on ‘Go to the Help Desk’ to browse the tutorials and FAQs. As a last resort, you can use the ‘Submit a Request’ link at the top right of the Help Desk page. For syncing issues, follow the desktop sync link above and send a message via the ‘Contact Support’ link (leave 'Send logs' ticked).
  • Want to share files with a client? You can use the common repository Shared/Client_Access to do so. You may need to ask an Admin to give you rights.
  • Always use templates!

Database updates

  • All databases are updated simultaneously
  • Latest major update: 9 September 2016 when VAC revenue was first published. Also included annual update for Fleet Management, Manufacturing & Processing. Supply Chain,Vending Machine, Warehousing & Storage.
  • Latest minor update: 19 September 2016. Update to forecasts of Connected devices for Stolen Vehicle Recovery in Israel.
  • Next planned minor update: 23 September 2016. Forecasts of Connected devices for all Connected Car applications in Israel, except Fleet management, to be updated, following changes to Vehicle Platform. 

Internal databases

Internal databases are primarily for internal consumption. Before sending downloads to clients always check with Margaret that it is OK to do so. 

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